CW Social Media

I ‘talk English’ to you and to your customers. I don’t talk jargon and I love and embrace social media and will apply that passion to your business. My experience and knowledge means that I am always on the latest trends and have the positive attitude and ability to make things happen. Most important, I always keep things simple so you understand what is happening at all times. I enjoy working with businesses who really want to use their LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram etc. to actively engage with their customers and in turn increase their sales.

I frequently find that many neither have the time, nor perhaps the inclination to actively engage and constantly update and respond to everything that happens in the Social Media world. This is where I can help! Handing over your company’s communications to a complete stranger is a big ask. From a personal perspective I have worked hard to gain a wonderful reputation that I have no wish to lose. From your perspective there are many ways I can actively engage that will give you the confidence to allow me to communicate with your customers.