New Year | New Approach to Social Media

As social media is evolving so are all the things we have to remember for our campaigns and our interactions to be successful. Here are 4 key points to help you get the most interaction with the people you are talking to in 2016.

What time of day are you posting? Are you posting when you have a spare 5 minutes or when your audience is listening?

With 2.13 billion social users it is even more crucial than ever to be in tune with when your audience is listening. Depending what your message is and who you are talking to (consumers, mothers, children, businesses) there are key times to post. As an example don’t post anything business orientated on a Sunday night …. first day back at work after a nice weekend, is not a good time to engage with a business customer. Search the internet. You will find there are common schools of thought on best times to post. Most people post at the wrong time

 Are you including images with all your posts?

Using images with all the posts you publish online will increases engagement by a whopping 87% on Facebook and 35% on Twitter.  We are naturally drawn to images, use this opportunity to increase engagement online. So a simple rule …. always post with an image and make sure the image relates to the post, it draws the reader in.

Do you have a Google+ account?

You want to be as near to the top as you can be when people type your name, or your business in to a search engine. Having a Google+ account will not only help you reach out to a larger audience, but more crucially it is an opportunity to boost your SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) position. Everything you post on your Google+ account will filter out increasing your SEO position and improve your opportunity to be found online.

Do you just talk about yourself?

When posting and engaging on social media channels do you just talk about yourself? STOP! The whole idea of social media is to be social.  Nobody likes the person in the pub who just talks about themselves all the time.  Show an interest in what other followers are doing, congratulate them on achievements.  That way you are creating a relationship which will in turn will more likely reap its rewards and by talking about someone of interest it puts you on the same level as them. Think about someone you admire, posting about him or her says a lot about you!

If you bear these key points in mind when you use social media channels you stand a greatly increased chance of achieving your aims in terms of audience engagement and business productivity. Good luck!