Is the EU Referendum vote being influenced by Social media?

The in/out vote is a topic of conversation hard to miss in Great Britain. Traditionally, for previous referenda, direct mail has been the most effective resource for passing information on.  Social media has dramatically changed this approach and enabled us to become more engaged in the whole process.  We can ask questions, create polls and openly debate across a variety of channels, by producing high quality content and visually inspiring images.

I read recently that BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, has been looking to social media to help it figure out the likelihood of a Brexit, with polls on Twitter.  They have 20 people specifically tracking the debate on Twitter. They are currently finding that it is too close to call. (Source: Reuters) This makes me look deeper at the influence social media is having on how people will vote.  On 3rd June Facebook put voter registration reminders on UK users’ timelines, that day so many people went to register that the website crashed.

We all have our own influences on how we will vote on the 23rd June, this can be due to family upbringing, personal experiences and/or business issues.  The question I would like to ask is ‘Has or Will Social Media Influence Your Vote?’ Has it provided you with that piece of information you wanted? Has a debate you read on social media changed your mind on which way to vote?

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