My name is Caroline Webb and I am the founder of CW Social Media specialising in working with businesses within the South East of the UK.  I look after just a small number of businesses in various business sectors. In most cases I handle all aspects of their social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc (and any new innovations as they occur). 

My sole aim is simple:

To increase each client’s brand presence and in turn their revenue.

I am often asked ‘what makes me different to other social media companies out there?’

My two main points of difference are ….

  • I ‘talk English’ to you and to your customers – I don’t talk jargon.
  • I love and embrace social media and will apply that passion to your business.

My experience and knowledge means that I am always on the latest trends and I have the positive attitude and ability to make things happen. Most important, I always keep things simple so you understand what is happening at all times.


I cannot do this all on my own. I need to work with you to build up the trust between us, but more importantly to build up a communication strategy to your customers. This should be consistent in approach and style, I can show you how.  This can be as simple as agreeing some particular promotions to push a product or service, highlighting a particular activity or highlighting and sharing experiences.  It isn’t difficult, but it means that we need to meet up, or at least talk to each other, for an hour or two every other week or so to agree the focus for the next period.


Social Media isn’t just about tweeting and setting up Facebook pages – that is just the beginning.

The key area is listening and responding and by doing this you generate engagement.

If someone says something about your business (positive or negative) it is key to respond. This means that your customers feel valued and enjoy the experience of being part of your business.

We work together to make sure that the responses fit your business needs.