Are you violating copyright laws with the images you use on social media?

Are you violating copyright laws? Using other peoples images can be tricky on social media channels.  How can you make sure you do not end up with questions to answer, or even a fine?

Content published online is still protected by copyright laws.  In 2011 the BBC used an image of the Tottenham riots from Twitter without notifying the photographer, or naming them and had to officially apologise.

When looking for images to use on your social posts from Google search for the image using keywords in the usual way.  When the results are returned click ‘search tool’ and from here choose ‘usage rights’ select this option from the drop down menu.  The images in front of you are then safe to use.

Alternatively, here a few websites which offer free stock images

Images increase engagement by 74% so do not be put off using them, just ensure you know who owns the copyright. 

The Confusion of a #Hashtag

The #hashtag symbol was once just an icon on our keypads which we rarely, if ever used.  The word hashtag has now been added to the oxford dictionary and the role it plays in digital marketing has grown rapidly.

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Is the EU Referendum vote being influenced by Social media?

The in/out vote is a topic of conversation hard to miss in Great Britain. Traditionally, for previous referenda, direct mail has been the most effective resource for passing information on.  Social media has dramatically changed this approach and enabled us to become more engaged in the whole process.  We can ask questions, create polls and openly debate across a variety of channels, by producing high quality content and visually inspiring images.

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Does Social Media Affect My SEO Ranking?

Being on Social Media has a big influence on your SEO (search engine optimisation) position.  Having a strong social presence can increase your search ranking. So, how do you achieve this?

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