Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, google+. Where to start? What is right for your business? What will make people come to me and purchase my products or services? Why should anybody be interested in what I have to offer? I work with you to identify what you want to get out of your social media engagement and identify the right social media channels for your business. From this I then create a strategy, outlining the types of content that are correct for each social media channel and how to make you stand out. Strategy is a vital part of social media and will help you from wasting lots of time, effort and money in areas that will not have a positive impact on your business.



Generating and publishing content is one of the most important aspects of social media. Using a variety of tools, I work with you to make sure that we are sharing the right content (pictures, competitions, text) on the right channel to help generate customers for your business. I will also work with you to make sure that I release this content at the best time for your audience, maximising on the overall reach the content can have.



Social Media is a two way process. Listening does not mean literally what it says. You need to listen and then respond. Listening to what is happening in your area and industry. I will set-up a variety of ways that I can always listen to what is happening in all the social media channels that you are engaging in. From this I can outline how to respond and interact with customers to help drive sales and brand awareness.



Social Media changes on a regular basis with new tools, channels and technologies developing all the time. From experience, the best way to identify if the produced work is having an impact is by reviewing statistical data. This then helps to shape the future thinking of business decisions that support your marketing and customer service activities. I use a variety of tools in undertaking this complex work and help simplify this output for you to learn from.